Engagement  Example gallery

For their engagement photoshoot, I met with Anna and Andrium in the wonderful Burghley House in Stamford town. This was our first meeting, therefore I suggested grabbing a cup of coffee and discussing their wedding plans, photo style preferences and expectations. In just a few minutes, any worries or tension was gone and the couple were able to completely relax. Neither of the newly-weds had any professional photoshoot experience, therefore they completely relied on my judgement. 

Anna and Andrium were a lovely couple, and understood what I wanted from half a sentence, therefore the photoshoot was fully organised and set-out as I had imagined.

Wedding example gallery

On Anna's and Adrium's wedding day, we spent 2 hours in Castle Ashby House- the outstanding Northampton Castle and gardens which leave you in awe of their beauty. 

I spent the whole day with the couple, from early morning preparations to the after-party. The couple had completed an engagement photoshoot two months beforehand.

After the pre-wedding photoshoot I had full confidence and trust of the couple, which allowed them to relax and and allowed me to encapture many many beautiful moments of their wedding day. This is why i always recomment you to organise an engagement photoshoot as it will really help you on your wedding day and will be clearly seen in your pictures. I wont just be a photograph- I will be a friend. My easy-going and humorous personality gurantees this every single time.

I produced 321 high-quality photos from Anna's and Andrium's engagement photoshoot. Of course I am not able to show you the whole gallery, however I have shared just-enough for you to understand my photography and pozing style. The couple did not have any special requests, they just wanted beautiful pictures, which allowed me to freely compose pictures to my taste and shows you what you can expect from your own photoshoot.

Every one of us has some hidden romance, no matter how hard we may try to hide it we all are playful and childish at heart. We can't run from ourselves, and it is one of my main aims to express this in each picture. Fashion, romance, love-filled gazes, smiles and happiness- I combine all of these emotions into a single piece of art. I hate unnatural pictures, where each individual stands like a statue, with a fake smile on. I would never ask you to take such pictures, and will quickly bring a smile onto any stony-faced aunt's or uncle's face! 

My wedding albums are filled with love and hapiness. If they were sad, I would pack my equipment and go photograph a burial. To me a picture is not just a simple 'happy' picture. It must portray all of the emotions- the story of your day and create a unique captured moment. The uncontrollable smiles and tear-filled eyes I observe in my clients when they see their wedding album, and their words 'thank you so much- you're an incredible photographer' are my biggest reward. It is beyond words how pleased and happy I am than I was able to give such an incredible experience and memory to another couple, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

If you think my photography style is what you're looking for dont hesistate to get in contact with me. I am able to answer any of your questions or worries.