Photography is a true art and I simply love shooting weddings.


The opportunity to capture special and wonderful moments of other people's lives gives me a great satisfaction.

Every ideal photo and every happy couple is the source of my happiness.

My biggest goal is to express emotions and feelings; moments of laughter and tears. The first expression of the groom and the smiles on the parents faces at the first sight of the bride. The tears in the bride's eyes upon receiving her parent's blessing. These moments of hapiness and love are unrepeatable and must be captured and be forever kept in your wedding album. 

When someone asks me why I chose wedding photography, I can honestly answer that photography chose me. 

Being in a new environment, with new people in each occassion is such an incredible opportunity for me to be innovative and create an outstanding photo history of your special day. Its like a drug which I cannot resist. 

I do not limit myself to just documentary  wedding  fotography. I have a very good understanding of poses, and can guide groups and individuals to pose in a way which brings out their best side. I am able to take unique individual portrait pictures upon request which is a perfect opportunity for you and each of your guests. 

As a professional photographer I have professional equipment which withstand anything ranging from rain to earthquakes! I work with two cameras and a variety of lighting equipment which I usually bring in excess- you can never fully trust technology and must always be prepared for plan B. 

It would be a pleasure to work with you no matter where your wedding will take place - United Kingdom or elsewhere. I will provide you with a memory which will bring back deep feelings and incredible recollection many years in the future.

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